Wall Removal Services in Melbourne & Adelaide

Let our professional team take down unwanted walls quickly & safely.
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Sometimes, walls are just in the way. While there obviously needs to be some walls in place in your Melbourne or Adelaide home, too many walls can interrupt the flow of the house and take away from the living space. If you have old walls that you’d like removed, contact Metro Defits today for more information.

An important determination

Before we can do any work on the walls in your home, we need to confirm that the walls in question are not load bearing. We will not be able to take out walls that play a structural role in the stability of your house.

Only when our professional team has confirmed that it is safe to remove a wall will our team get to work. Since we never quite know what we will find once we start opening up a wall to bring it down, we have a variety of tools and techniques at our disposal. No matter what method is used, our focus is always on safety and doing no harm to the structure other than taking down the appropriate wall or walls.

Residential wall removal process

Having a wall taken out of your house seems like a big task, but you’ll be surprised at how simple it can be when Metro Defits are called in for the job.

  • We start with an assessment of the wall to confirm that it can be removed
  • A free, no-obligation quote for the work will be provided
  • The wall in question will be carefully removed using the appropriate tools and methods
  • All debris will be taken away and our team will clean up thoroughly when the job is done

If you are picturing the wall removal in your home as a dramatic scene of swinging sledgehammers and flying dust, you might be surprised as to how orderly this task can be completed. Our team will carefully take down the wall, minimizing the impact on the surrounding area and working to contain the mess.

Don’t take a chance

Some projects make sense to tackle on your own, but this is not one of them. Without professional guidance and assessment, don’t take a chance on taking out a wall that might turn out to play a structural role. Even if the wall you attempt to remove on your own isn’t load bearing, you might struggle with this work without the right equipment or experience in the field.

Metro Defits are a trusted contractor in this market offering reliable service, great pricing, and timely completion. If this wall removal is part of a bigger renovation, we’ll keep your project on schedule by getting the wall down and the debris removed promptly. Send over your information through the form on the right and our team will be in touch right away.