Retail Stripouts

Moving out of a retail space can be a hectic time for a business. If you are ending a lease in one location and starting over in a new spot, there is sure to be a lot on your plate. One task you’ll have to manage is making good on the terms of your old lease – meaning you’ll likely need to have that old space stripped out to satisfy the landlord.

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Retail Stripouts

Metro Defits are experts at this kind of work, and we offer affordable services to businesses throughout the city. Let our team make quick work of your retail stripout project so you can move on without any worries.

Clear Communication is Key

While the general task for all retail stripouts is the same, the details of the job will vary from project to project. Given that fact, it’s important to get on the same page with you right from the start. We’ll go over the terms of your lease and what is required to make good on those terms. Then, we’ll sort through the timeline of the project to determine when the work should start, and when it should be completed. Clear communication right from the start of a retail stripout job is critical and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Metro Defits.

A Customized Process

You can expect the process that we work through to look something like what is listed below, although we will customize these steps as we talk with you and determine exactly what is needed for your project.

• We always start by providing our potential clients with a free quote for the project

• Lighter tasks are typically completed first, like taking away fixtures and loose items

• Any demolition work will then begin, which can include taking down walls and pulling up the old floor

• Our team takes pride in the way we clean up our projects, so all stripouts are finished with a detailed removal of debris and dust

Deal with the Pros

Simply hiring any random contractor to complete your stripout project is just asking for trouble. It sounds simple enough to take apart a retail space and dispose of the debris, but the reality of the project is a little more complicated. Turn to Metro Defits to work with a team that has the experience needed to tackle this project with confidence. In the end, you’ll be left with a blank space that satisfies the terms of your lease and allows you to carry on knowing you won’t have any issues to deal with from the landlord. Thank you for considering Metro Defits and feel free to contact us today for your free quote.

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