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The affordable nature of vinyl flooring makes it an attractive choice for many residential applications. If you have an old vinyl floor that has outlived its useful life and is ready to be replaced – either with new vinyl or something else entirely – Metro Defits are ready to serve you.

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Floor Covering Removal
How is vinyl flooring removed?

This can be a tricky project. Some homeowners get started trying to take up their own vinyl floors, only to later realize that they don’t have the right equipment for the job. Don’t waste time and effort on your project and instead call in Metro Defits right from the start. Whether you live in Melbourne, we’ll be happy to make quick work of this job for you.

The first step is to use your specialized equipment to get the vinyl flooring up off the ground, usually leaving behind quite a bit of adhesive. With the vinyl out of the way, that old adhesive can be ground off and the surface can be cleaned and leveled for whatever is going to come next.

A simple process

We like to keep things simple at Metro Defits. When you reach out to us about a vinyl flooring removal project, the next steps will look something like this –

• We will prepare a free quote for you to consider

• Our team will remove all of the vinyl flooring from the space

• The floor will be smoothed out and a skim coat can be applied, if necessary

• We will properly clean the entire space after our work is done

We have too much respect for our customers to leave any job until the work area has been thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed. You should be ready to move on with your project when we head out, so don’t worry about us leaving a mess behind.

Only the best will do

Metro Defits has built our reputation in this field by serving each customer with care and attention to detail. Whether other contractors may fall short and leave customers wanting more, we are never satisfied until the customer is fully happy with the work.

Residential renovation projects are famous for taking too long and costing too much. We don’t want to see that happen for your job. With Metro Defits, you can be sure that the vinyl flooring removal portion of the project will go off without a hitch. Also, we can offer plenty of other stripout services for your home, like kitchen removal, bathroom removal, and much more.

The first step is simple – find our form on the right side of this page and submit your information. We’ll get in touch shortly to discuss this project in greater detail.

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