End of Lease

The general rule for commercial leases in Victoria is that the tenant must return the property to the condition they found it in. The demolition industry uses various interchangeable terms for this concept, such as end of lease ‘defit’, ‘stripout’ or ‘make-good’. Most commercial tenants take a property that is a shell and renovate it to suit their unique business needs.

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End of Lease
End of Lease

Tenants will then add permanent fixtures to the premises such as cooking equipment, furniture and flooring. Tenants can either pay for the end of lease stripout themselves, or they can pay an additional ‘cash settlement’, to compensate the landlord for the effort and cost of organising it themselves.

As you can imagine, this can be a big and very time-sensitive job. Fortunately, it is something we have done many times before, and we would welcome the opportunity to assist you on your next project.

What is involved in an end of lease stripout?

When it comes to end of lease stripouts, every business is different, so every job will vary in the specifics. But here is the general format we follow.

First, we will work closely with you to organise a schedule for the project. At the outset, we will also try to anticipate any technical issues that could slow down the job.

We then bring in our specialist team who are equipped with the latest tools, so that they can carry out the stripout in a quick and efficient manner. The team will demolish partition walls and fixtures, get rid of joinery, remove flooring, grind concrete and make sure any finishes are fully restored and left the way they were when the lease commenced. We can also remove any debris or unwanted fixtures from the premises and dispose of these.

What services do we offer for end of lease defits?

• Removal of all joinery, partitions and general fixtures

• Wall removal

• Damage repair

• Removal of commercial kitchens and bathrooms

• Removal of all types of commercial flooring

• Concrete grinding, levelling and coating

• Site clean-up

• Removal of debris from site

Why is it important to have professionals in charge of my end of lease defit?

It is essential to use demolition professionals who are competent and reliable when it comes to time sensitive projects such as end of lease defits.

If you are a tenant overseeing a stripout, we understand that there are likely penalties and charges payable for late or unsatisfactory handovers. If you are a landlord organising a stripout, we understand that every day your building sits unlet is money lost.

We’ve done this many times before and we always come with a plan of action. We work very hard to make sure we get most of our jobs done within 24 hours and if this is not possible, we will set ambitious but realistic alternative deadlines.

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Why Metro Defits?

Whether you need a stripout for your pizza shop or a whole office building, we’ll be there, ready to go.

Being a full-service demolition and floor removal company, also means that all of your end of lease stripout needs, whether this be flooring removal, concrete grinding, wall removal or floor preparation are met by one business.

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