Timber Flooring Removal

Whether you are ending a lease and need to return the property to its original condition, or you have decided to renovate your property, Metro Defits is here to assist with all of your commercial timber floor removal needs.

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Floor Covering Removal
Timber Flooring Removal

Commercial timber flooring can be the finishing touch in a retail space, corporate meeting room or restaurant.

What’s Involved in commercial timber floor removal?

Unlike the many options with domestic timber floors, commercial timber floors will either be floating or direct stick floors such as parquetry and synthetic wood.

Floating timber floors are the simplest floors to remove, but they can cover huge floor spaces in commercial jobs.

First we would remove any baseboard trim to access the edges of the floor. Then we would loosen a starting piece and move the pieces of the floor from there.

If the floating floor has an oriented strand board or plywood underlay, we would need to remove that too.

If the floor has been directly laid and fastened with adhesive to a concrete subfloor, we would need to remove the wooden flooring with a jackhammer and blade and then grind down any stubborn adhesive, to ensure the floor is smooth and ready for re-laying.

Whatever the floor type, we would make sure that that any debris are disposed of and that we leave the site clean and tidy.

What can we do?

• Free, no-obligation quote

• Removal of all commercial timber floors

• Grinding down of adhesives

• Site clean-up and debris removal

Why is it important to have professionals do my commercial timber floor removal?

If you are reading this webpage, you are probably contemplating investing time and money in a renovation for your commercial property.

We are well aware of the fact that getting things done on time and on budget will be very important to you, whether you are working towards a restaurant launch date, or are returning a leased property to its original state.

Metro Defits have years of experience in working to tight deadlines and in working on floor removal projects in the commercial building industry. As such, we have an excellent track record of finishing jobs on time and on budget.

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