Hotel Stripouts

As a hotel ages, the interior can quickly become dated and worn. At some point, the dated interior will take a toll on the business, and it may be harder and harder to book the rooms to capacity

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Hotel Stripouts

With hotel stripout service from Metro Defits, you can give your property a new lease on life by taking away everything that is old and preparing the space for a complete renovation. To get started, or to ask any questions you may have about our service, please contact us right away.

Some Inherent Challenges

The work of stripping out a hotel comes with some difficult elements that need to be managed. One of the biggest hurdles is determining the status of the property while the work is underway. Are you going to completely close the hotel for the duration of the project, or will it be completed in phases? If part of the property will remain open, it’s important to work with an experienced contractor like Metro Defits who knows how to carefully perform the necessary duties without interrupting guests and employees.

Let’s Create a Plan

As mentioned above, there are complicating factors involved with a hotel defit. No two projects are alike, so it is important for us to work closely together with our clients to figure out how each job is going to be tackled. The plan that we use to complete this stripout work will look something like the following –

• A quote will be generated based on the work required and any special circumstances

• Our team will get started by taking away fixtures, fittings, and other loose elements

• Bigger demolition work will then be completed, including any walls that need to be removed

• Most hotel stripouts also include the complete removal of old flooring and the preparation of the subfloor

• Proper cleaning and hauling off of debris are necessary to get the property ready for the next contractors

The timeline for a hotel stripout will depend entirely on the size of the property and the types of fixtures and materials that need to be removed. Get started working with our team right away so you can schedule this job appropriately and make a plan that will satisfy all parties.

The Best of the Best

This is one of the most important projects that will ever take place in your hotel, so don’t take it for granted. Work with the leading stripout contractor in Melbourne to make sure the job is done right the first time. Metro Defits are a leader in this business because of our attention to detail and our commitment to the complete satisfaction of each customer. Fill out our form today to request a free quote. Thank you for visiting Metro Defits!

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