Non-structural demolition Melbourne

Ready to start your residential or commercial building project with a non-structural demolition? Whether you need a complete or partial strip-out in Melbourne, we've got you covered!

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What Is Non-Structural Demolition?

Non-structural demolition, or a strip-out, refers to removing fixtures, fittings, doors, cabinetry and more, without impacting the structural integrity of your space. Ideal for retail spaces, offices or residential renovations.

Our services Include:

• Bathroom and kitchen demolition

• House demolition

• Apartment demolition

• Swimming pool and decking demolition

• Staircase demolition

• Wall demolition

• Carport and garage demolition

• Flooring demolition

• Plaster demolition

• Veranda demolition

• Retail demolition

• Office, factory or warehouse demolition

• Concrete demolition

What Does Non-Structural Demolition Involve?

At Metro Defits, our non-structural demolition service involves removing all requested internal items from a space. We’ll deliver a structurally sound blank canvas to start your new building project, removing doors, cabinetry, flooring, trims, windows, and more.

Why Choose Metro Defits For Non-Structural Demolition?

We pride ourselves on delivering a clean, safe, efficient and professional demolition service. Our experienced, thoughtful, trained staff provide practically dust-free results when completing non-structural demolition services in Melbourne.

Our Other Services

While we’re experts in non-structural demolitions and strip-outs, we offer other services. Browse our Commercial, Residential & Strip-Out services to see how we can assist your residential and commercial projects.


Does Non-Structural Demolition Require A Permit?

No. You don’t require a permit for non-structural demolition, as there is no impact on the structural integrity of the building.

How Long Does The Non-Structural Demolition Process Take?

The time required to complete a non-structural demolition depends on the project size, scope and budget, taking anywhere from a day to a few weeks. We can give you an estimate over the phone during the initial conversation.

How Much Does Non-Structural Demolition Cost?

The cost of a non-structural demolition depends on the project size and scope of works. Wondering how much your project will cost? Contact our friendly team today for a free quote.

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