Commercial Strip Outs Melbourne

Metro Defits are industry leaders for commercial strip outs in Melbourne. Whether you are leaving a lease, renovating, or extending an existing building, we can do soft or back-to-base strip out depending on your needs and business size. We offer professional service, a competitive price, and completion on schedule.

What is a Commercial Strip out?

A commercial strip out is the process of removing all the fixtures, fittings, and equipment from a commercial building, such as a retail store, office, or factory. The goal of a commercial strip out is to clear the building of all its existing elements, making it ready for a new fit-out, renovation, and change of use of the space. This can include removing flooring, partitions, ceilings, electrical and plumbing fixtures, and any other materials or equipment that are no longer needed. Commercial strip outs are typically performed by professional strip out companies, such as Metro Defits, who have the tools, equipment and experience necessary to carry out the work safely and efficiently.

Our Commercial Stripout Services

Metro Defit offers a comprehensive range of commercial strip out services, including


Our experienced team at Metro Defits conducts both partial or complete office defits and commercial defits.
• A soft defit involves removing loose fixtures and fittings.
• A back-to-base Defit includes removing permanent floors, preparing floors for re-laying, removing cooling and heating systems, demolishing walls, and removing fittings such as sinks and cupboards.
Complete Defits
Retail Defits
Office Defits

End of Lease

Our professional team will work with you to perform your end-of-lease defit in Melbourne, returning your commercial space back to the original condition you received it in as quickly and efficiently as possible.
End of lease

Floor Covering Removal

In a floor covering removal, we will remove the actual floor covering and then the underlay beneath. We can remove all types of floor coverings including:
Floor Covering Removal
Tile Removal
Carpet Removal
Vinyl Removal
Timber Flooring Removal

Concrete Grinding

Once the floor covering is removed, our experienced professionals use diamond segment floor grinders to remove any adhesive until the subfloor is smooth and ready for re-laying.
Concrete Grinding
Tile Adhesive Removal
Carpet Adhesive Removal
Vinyl Adhesive Removal
Epoxy Removal
Paint Removal
Dust Seal
Grind and Seal
Coating Preparation

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