Carpet Removal Services

When it’s new, carpet is a great way to make a space more comfortable and enjoyable. Fresh carpeting in a bedroom or living space has a great feel under foot and provides a warmth to your home that other flooring options cannot deliver.

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Carpet Removal Services

As it ages, however, carpet can get nasty. With that in mind, you may need to have carpet removal services performed in your Melbourne home to freshen up the space with new flooring. Or, you might need to have the carpets pulled up as part of a bigger renovation project. Either way, Metro Defits is ready for the challenge. Contact us today for a free quote!

Why have all of your old carpets removed?

If you are planning a renovation, it’s almost certain that you will want to install new carpets – or a different type of flooring – as part of that job. To get started, the old carpet simply needs to be pulled up and hauled away. This job needs to be performed properly so the subfloor is prepared for the next stages of the renovation project.

How does this process work?

Each residential carpet removal project is a little different, as we never quite know what we’ll find when we get started. However, you can plan on the job going pretty much as follows –

• We will start by offering you a free quote for the price and timeline of our services. Typically, carpet removal does not take more than a single day

• All carpets are pulled up, along with any padding that may have been laid under the carpet

• Leftover fasteners that may have been used to install the carpet will be removed

• The entire space will be vacuumed up and prepared for the next stages of your project

Residential carpet removal is generally a straightforward task, but complications do come up from time to time. With that in mind, you can rest easy knowing that you are working with an experienced team who will be able to overcome any unexpected hurdles.

The right partner for the job

If you are like most other customers who need carpet removed, you are concerned with two main points – time and money. You want the job done in a timely manner so the rest of your project can stay on schedule, and you don’t want to spend more than is necessary for the work.

Metro Defits has built our solid reputation by delivering on both of those points. We will offer you a fair rate for the work that needs to be performed, and we always deliver on time.

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