Commercial Defit & Make Good Services in Melbourne

Metro Defits are the industry leaders when it comes to the provision of retail, corporate & commercial demolition in the City of Melbourne. With over a decade of experience, Metro Defits has built a strong reputation among its customer base for completing projects ahead of schedule & within budget.

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Dimmeys Retail in Wallan

Completed over 1000m² of floor grinding.

Prebuilt Commercial

Removal of over 100m² of timber flooring.

Iramoo Community Centre

Completed 200m² of floor tile removal.

Luisa Retail

Completed over 150m² of both timber flooring removal & floor tile removal.

Simonds Homes

Completed 160m² of timber flooring removal & concrete grinding.

Sunbury Dental House

Completed over 100m² of floor preparation.

JT Production Management

Completed 147m² of adhesive removal from concrete substrate.

Sunshine Primary School

Completed floor grinding & removal of trip hazards.

Champions Academy

Completed an office defit.

High & Mighty

Completed an end of lease defit.

St. Catherine's Primary School

Completed 200m² of vinyl flooring removal.

Ringwood Private Hospital

Completed over 500m² of vinyl flooring removal & concrete grinding.

Ice Design Retail

Completed an end of lease defit.

Dimmeys Retail in Heidelberg

Completed over 1500m² of vinyl flooring removal & concrete grinding.

Reform Health

Completed preparation of concrete floor.

Burson Auto Parts

Completed floor tile removal & concrete grinding.

Autism Partnership Australia

Completed an office defit.

Denso Automotive

Removal of commercial kitchen.

Multi-Color Corporation

Completed industrial warehouse defit.

Atlas Engineering

Completed 3000m² of concrete grinding.