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Concrete floor coatings offer unique benefits and properties suitable for many residential and commercial settings. Metro Defits' experienced team have years of experience laying concrete floor coatings.

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What is concrete floor coating?

Floor coatings for concrete can direct foot traffic, cover stained concrete, and add a decorative touch. Metro Defits uses four types of concrete coating: epoxy, polyurethane, polyaspartic and acrylic.

What does concrete floor coating involve?

After thoroughly cleaning the concrete floor, we prime it. This seals and hardens the concrete in preparation for the additional layers. Once the primer is dry, we apply your desired concrete floor coating.

Why use Metro Defits for concrete floor coating?

Our professional team of concrete floor coating specialists clearly understands building and industry best practices. Metro Defits can accommodate changes in your timeframe or job size.


What is the best concrete floor coating?

Epoxy is the most durable concrete floor coating. In various colours, epoxy floor coating can be poured into crevices and cracks to level the surfaces. Epoxy coating for concrete floors hardens due to a chemical reaction between the ingredients. This results in a hard and glossy surface – ideal for commercial settings.

Can you skim coat concrete floors?

Skim coating concrete floors is a process where ultra-thin toppings add texture and colour to new or existing floors. Metro Defits skim coating provides a clean canvas for decorative treatments on concrete floors like dyes, stains, and stencilled patterns.

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How do you coat concrete floors?

The process of coating concrete floors involves the following:

• Preparing the surface by cleaning, hand grinding, diamond grinding, sanding, and joint caulking

• Applying a primer as the first layer of concrete coating. This seals and hardens the floor.

• Applying additional layers of coating over the primer until the desired thickness has been achieved.

• Applying a final topcoat.

Our other services

Metro Defits’ other commercial services include:

grind-and-seal-icngrind-and-seal-icn-hoverConcrete grinding and sealing
dust-seal-icndust-seal-icn-hoverDustproof sealing
paint-removal-icnpaint-removal-icn-hoverPaint removal
epoxy-removal-icnepoxy-removal-icn-hoverEpoxy removal

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