Flooring Stripouts

Taking out old flooring is one of the most challenging parts of a renovation project. Since flooring has to stand up to years of use and abuse when it is installed in a residential or commercial setting, it is typically fastened tightly to the subfloor. As a result, taking that flooring up later is no easy task.

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Flooring Stripouts

Before you think about diving into this project on your own, contact Metro Defits to ask about our services. We can make quick work of your flooring removal needs, and we think you’ll find the price to be well worth what you save.

We Remove All Kinds of Floors

Don’t worry about what kinds of floors you have that need to be removed – we can handle it all. Thanks to our many years of experience serving customers throughout Melbourne, we have come into contact with many different types of flooring including vinyl, timber, tile, and carpet. While our approach to each material will be a little bit different, the result is the same – a clean subfloor that is ready for your renovation to continue.

Reliability is Assured

As a professional defit contractor serving all kinds of properties in and around Melbourne, Metro Defits will deliver a reliable experience time after time. You can expect the process of working with us to go something like the following –

• You’ll be offered a free quote that you can consider before deciding to hire us for the job

• Our team will arrive on time and begin to remove the old flooring using the appropriate techniques and tools

• The subfloor will be cleaned, repaired, and leveled, if necessary

• All debris will be hauled away from the property

Simply by putting in a call to Metro Defits, you can take what could have been a complicated and frustrating task and make it quite quick and easy.

Add Other Services

It’s possible that you only want to have flooring removed at this time – but that is not usually the case in our experience. Usually, flooring removal is part of a bigger project, and we would be happy to help with the other elements of the job, as well. That can include residential or commercial kitchen removal, bathroom removal, apartment stripout work, and much more.

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