Tile Adhesive Removal

It takes a special team to be up to the challenge of difficult concrete grinding work. No matter what you are trying to remove from concrete, that old material is sure to put up a fight – so you’ll want a professional team like ours on your side from the start.

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Concrete Grinding

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Tile Adhesive Removal

You don’t need to be an expert to know that concrete grinding is a tough job. What you might not know, however, is that there are many different types of concrete grinding that can be performed, depending on the task at hand. When you work with us, you’ll have access to the following –

• Polished Concrete. If you don’t think of concrete as being a beautiful material, you may not have seen a perfectly polished concrete surface. When using concrete as the finished product and not a subfloor, polishing is the way to go.

• Epoxy Coatings. Another great options for finishing a concrete floor is an epoxy coating. This is a popular choice for garages but it can also work well in other settings. Among the many advantages of going with an epoxy coating over your concrete is just how easy the epoxy surface is to clean.

• Floor Preparation. Some of the toughest work that we do is preparing an old flooring surface for a new life. We’ll tackle this difficult task effectively so you can move on with the rest of your project.

• Dust Seal. A dusty concrete floor won’t be acceptable in some settings, so we can apply a seal that will greatly limit the amount of dust that the floor produces. You’ll love the cleaner environment created after a dust seal is applied, and the surface of the concrete will look great, as well.

Our Many Services

While the name “concrete grinding” covers the basics of what we offer, the reality is that we have plenty of varied services under that umbrella. Let’s take a closer look at the many different types of services you’ll have access to when working with our team.

• Tile Adhesive Removal. Once tiles have been pulled up, the adhesive left behind can be stubborn to remove and can make your concrete floor uneven. Our grinding service will remove this old adhesive so you can move on with your project.

• Carpet Adhesive Removal. Some carpets are glued down to the floor, making it very difficult to clean up after the carpet has been taken away. Again, our grinding services can come to the rescue and level out your floor surface.

• Vinyl Adhesive Removal. Old vinyl floors are a challenge to pull up, and they tend to leave behind adhesive that needs to be ground off the surface of the concrete. Our powerful equipment will make quick work of this otherwise difficult job.

• Epoxy Removal. Any kind of old epoxy that has been left to dry on concrete is not going to come off without a fight. Thanks to our many years of experience dealing with these situations, we know how to use concrete grinding to clean up the area properly.

• Grind & Seal. If you plan to simply leave your concrete floors without any flooring on top, our grind and seal service is perfect to prepare them for the spotlight. The grinding will smooth out the surface, while the sealing will give them a great look and improve durability.

• Coating Preparation. Depending on the type of flooring you are prepared to install, a coating may be required on the bare concrete floor. Our team can handle this task quickly and easily.

• Paint Removal. For concrete floors that are going to stay bare, removing paints from the surface will give the floor back its clean, industrial look.

• Dust Seal. Dust does like to gather on concrete floors, and the floor can become slippery as a result. Adding a specialized sealant will help limit the amount of dust that is able to collect.

• Tile Removal. A famously difficult job, you will be impressed with how easily our team is able to remove an old tile surface and clean up the floor beneath that tile to prepare it for the next step.

• Floor Preparation. Regardless of what kinds of floors you have in mind for your renovation or restoration project, thorough floor preparation will be required. Our team can take care of the dirty work for you.

• Concrete Removal. Instead of grinding your concrete surface to a flat and smooth finish, we can also simply remove that old concrete when the need arises.

Why We Are the Right Pick?

With so many contractors in and around Melbourne to pick from, why choose us? Beyond our experience, there are a few different reasons why our team makes a great choice for your upcoming project.

• Professionalism. Sadly, some contractors just don’t rise to the occasion in terms of professionalism and reliability. That’s somewhere we will never fall short. With a reputation to uphold, you can expect to get nothing but the best from our team.

• Great pricing. We never want you to pay too much for our services. We’ll offer you a fair quote at the start of the project and we will honor that price. Don’t get caught off guard by contractors who don’t stand behind their promises – we always come through with fair, honest pricing.

• Limited dust. There is no doubt that concrete grinding can be a dusty job. Our ability to limit dust comes down to the advanced equipment we use and the thorough training of our entire staff. If you are worried about the mess that might be made during a concrete grinding project, trust us with the task and we will make dust reduction a top priority.

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