Carpet Removal

Renovating an office in Ringwood? Or maybe you’re leasing a showroom in Footscray? Whatever your commercial carpet removal needs are, we’ve got you covered.

The average life of a commercial carpet is much shorter than a residential carpet and is between 3-7 years. This is due to higher usage and harsher wear and tear.

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Floor covering removal
Carpet Removal

Removing commercial carpet can be difficult and complex, because it requires specialised equipment and often involves much larger floor spaces.

What is commercial carpet removal?

Commercial carpet is usually laid straight onto concrete and is kept in place with a strong adhesive. While it is simpler to lay than residential carpet, it is more difficult to remove, because the adhesive becomes hard and bonds with both the carpet and the concrete.

That being said, we can tackle even the most difficult commercial carpets.

If the carpet is glued down, we will use a specialised carpet removal machine which uses a combination of cutting and vibration technology, to quickly and efficiently lift carpet and adhesive in one pass.

We may also use a grinder to grind off any excess adhesive for more strongly bonded carpets.

Once the carpet has been removed, we will clean and vacuum the concrete floor, leaving it smooth and level in preparation for the new carpet.

What removal services do you offer for commercial carpets?

• Removal of all types of adhesively bonded carpets

• Blade and jackhammer carpet removal

• Grinding down of stubborn adhesive

• Cleaning and vacuuming of floors in preparation for new carpet

Why is professional commercial carpet removal important?

Removing commercial carpet is best done by a professional team because of the large spaces and specialised equipment involved.

Quickly stripping carpet from a concrete floor with a jack, or grinding down adhesive without damaging the concrete below, is a skill that requires years of practice.

A seemingly minor issue spread out across a big job, can also lead to significant complications and delays, which will ultimately eat into your profit margin.

Fortunately we’ve seen it all before, and we have the knowledge and experience to keep all of our jobs on track and on budget.

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Why go with us?

We understand that commercial renovations have tight deadlines and that time is money. Don’t waste either on contractors who promise one thing and deliver another.

When it comes to commercial carpet removal in Melbourne, why not work with professionals who speak your language?

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