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Take the hassle out of stripouts by leaving it at the experts at Metro Defits. We’ve got the experience and skills to handle a stripout of any size, scale and budget.

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What Are Complete Stripouts?

A complete residential or commercial defit (or ‘stripout’) is the process of entirely removing all fixtures, fittings, and internal structures of a building or space, leaving only the bare bones structure, in preparation for a new fitout or renovation.

What Do Complete Stripouts Involve?

Complete stripouts involve the removal of all of a building or space’s fixtures and fittings, including walls, ceilings and flooring, using heavy machinery and hand tools. The process also involves disposing of the waste materials safely and responsibly.


Why Choose Metro Defits For Complete Stripouts?

Our team at Metro Defits are experts in the field who are committed to both providing exceptional customer service and delivering high-quality results on every project, making us the top choice for a complete commercial or residential stripout.


How Much Does It Cost To Stripout a Bathroom Completely?

How much does it cost to strip out a bathroom specifically? This can vary depending on factors like the size of the bathroom and the scope of the project. Get in touch with us for an accurate quote for the work needed for your bathroom stripout.

What Is a Stripout?

A stripout (or defit) is the process of removing materials and components from an entire building or specific room. There are several types of stripouts, including soft stripouts, partial stripouts and complete stripouts.

How Hard Is It to Stripout a Bathroom Completely?

So, how hard is it to strip out a bathroom? This depends on factors like the size of the bathroom and the complexity of its plumbing and electrical systems. However, Metro Defits makes it easier with our specialised equipment and expertise.

Our Other Offered Services

Along with complete stripouts, we offer an extensive range of other stripout services, as well as commercial and residential services like concrete grinding and floor covering removal.

kitchen-stripouts-icnkitchen-stripouts-icn-hoverKitchen Stripouts
bathroom-stripouts-icnbathroom-stripouts-icn-hoverBathroom Stripouts
swimming-pool-removal-icnswimming-pool-removal-icn-hoverSwimming Pool Removal
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apartment-stripouts-icnapartment-stripouts-icn-hoverApartment Stripouts
decking-removal-icndecking-removal-icn-hoverDecking Removal
staircase-removal-icnstaircase-removal-icn-hoverStaircase Removal
wall-removal-icnwall-removal-icn-hoverWall Removal
pergola-removal-icnpergola-removal-icn-hoverPergola Removal
carport-and-garage-removal-icncarport-and-garage-removal-icn-hoverCarport, Shed and Garage Removal
flooring-stripouts-icnflooring-stripouts-icn-hoverFlooring Stripouts

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