House Stripouts

Typically, the first step of a thorough home renovation is a complete stripout of the old space. Taken down to the framing, you’ll then have a blank slate on which your new home can be created. For professional and affordable home stripouts in Melbourne, Metro Defits is the right choice.

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House Stripouts

A renovation of your Melbourne home is an exciting project. You may have been saving for years to take on this kind of job, and you can’t wait to see what your old home can turn into.

Don’t Start with a Delay

Home renovation projects are famous for taking far longer than expected, and they often cost more than you expected, too. Don’t get your project off to a bad start by underestimating the challenge of the defit work. It can be difficult to take apart everything that has been in a home for decades, especially without the right tools or experience. The team at Metro Defits are able to handle even the biggest defit challenges thanks to the many jobs they have completed previously.

Know What to Expect

We like to keep our clients informed at each step along the way, and we always want you to know exactly what our services will cost. No surprises on a stripout project means you can move forward to the next step of your renovation without any trouble.

• All projects start with a quote after our team has evaluated the work required

• Our team will arrive on the day of the project with all of the tools and equipment to strip the space safely and efficiently

• Your home will be cleaned up after the defit process is complete

The goal of our home stripouts is really quite simple – we want to properly prepare the house for the next contractors to come in and do their work. Whatever you have planned for the next stages of the renovation, those steps will hit the ground running thanks to the work done by Metro Defits.

A Trustworthy Team

It’s pretty easy to find a contractor in Melbourne that is willing to strip out your home for a fee. In fact, you might even find some that are willing to do it for a particularly low fee – which is a sure sign that you should stay away.

By partnering with Metro Defits for this job, you’ll get to work with a team that has many years of experience serving satisfied customers throughout the city and the surrounding area. It takes nothing more than filling out a form to get started working with us, so we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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