Kitchen Removal

Kitchen design and style have come a long way over the last two or three decades. A kitchen installed in a home a generation or two ago will likely look and function nothing like a modern kitchen in a brand-new house. So, if you want to experience a new kitchen without having to sell your home and move, a kitchen renovation project is sure to be on the agenda.

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Kitchen Removal

Getting started on this project means having your old kitchen removed from top to bottom. This can be a tricky, messy job, so it is best to turn it over to the team at Metro Defits for assistance. With years of experience and all of the right equipment, we’ll make quick work of your kitchen defit.

Careful Planning is Essential

One of the main reasons we have been able to impress so many clients throughout Melbourne with our stripout service is the fact that we always communicate openly right from the start. We want to get on the same page, so we are able to provide the right services in a timely manner to keep your project on track. For a kitchen removal, that means discussing the plan with you so we know exactly what needs to be removed, when the project needs to be done, and any other important details.

All-Inclusive Service

Hiring Metro Defits for this project will allow you to simply sit back and watch as the work is completed properly. Once we have discussed the job with you in detail, there will be nothing left for you to do as our experienced team will take it from there. Some of the steps involved in this project include –

• Creating a detailed quote for you to review

• Hauling away old appliances including your stove and refrigerator

• Taking up the old flooring materials and preparing the subfloor for the next steps

• Altering the shape and size of the room by removing specific walls or other structures

• Cleaning up debris and leaving the site neat and tidy

Commercial Services Also Available

We have been talking about residential kitchen removal in the content above, but we also have years of experience handling larger commercial jobs. A commercial kitchen may need to be stripped to make room for an updated version, or there might be a whole new use in mind for the space. Either way, our complete kitchen defit process will take the area down to its bare bones so it can be built up once again.

To get started working with Metro Defits on a kitchen defit project, simply fill out our form to request a free quote. There is no obligation, and we will contact you shortly to discuss the project further. Thank you for visiting Metro Defits!

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