Apartment Stripouts

The process of remodeling an apartment usually starts with a complete stripout of the space. You’ll want to get rid of nearly everything that is currently in the apartment before a construction team comes in to create your new apartment.

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Apartment Stripouts

Whether you are the occupant of the apartment or an owner trying to upgrade the space for business purposes, Metro Defits is the correct partner for the project.

Apartments Present Challenges

There are a couple of specific challenges that come along with an apartment defit. Often, the project needs to take place on an elevated floor where it can be difficult to move equipment and debris in and out. Also, there may be restrictions that govern when work can be done, how many people can be working, etc. Fortunately, Metro Defits has dealt with all of these kinds of issues before and are ready to help you make it through this project from start to finish with little disruption.

How It Works

You will be presented with an easy and straightforward process when you work with Metro Defits on an apartment stripout project. Each job is a little bit different, but most of them follow the general pattern below –

• A quote will be generated that covers our services and the cost of the project

• We’ll develop a plan to deal with any restrictions or challenges presented by the building and the unit’s location

• Basic stripout work will be performed first, taking away fixtures and loose items

• Flooring and any walls that need to come out will then be handled appropriately

• The entire space will be properly cleaned at the end of the job

In most cases, we can properly stripout an apartment in just a day, although we will have to evaluate the needs of your job before we confirm a plan.

Don’t Make the DIY Mistake

Too many apartment owners in and around Melbourne make the error of trying to do all of the stripout work on their own for an apartment renovation. The thinking seems to be that stripout work doesn’t require advanced skills and that it is a good place to save money.

Unfortunately, projects usually don’t work out so easily in the real world. You likely don’t have the right equipment for this task, and you may be surprised to learn how much knowledge and experience is actually required. In the end, you are likely to spend more time and money trying to do it on your own than you would have spent hiring a contractor to take care of the project.

Metro Defits is ready to serve your apartment defit project, so fill out the form here on our site today to get started. We look forward to serving you!

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