Staircase Removal

Taking out an old staircase can be one of the most dangerous parts of a remodeling project. Since a staircase is designed to move people from one level of a building to another, it is naturally a big structure that could fall and do damage when removed incorrectly.

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Staircase Removal

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Doing Careful Preparation

Removing a staircase isn’t a matter of coming in straightaway with powerful tools to bring down the entire structure in a single pass. Instead, we’ll do careful planning to make sure we bring down the old stairs in a way that minimizes disruption to everything around the area. Also, we take caution to make sure everyone is safe throughout the process. Our knowledge in this kind of work ensures that the end result is a staircase that has been removed in a timely fashion without any unintended consequences.

What You Can Expect from Metro Defits

Surprises might be fun for a birthday party, but they are unwelcome when you are trying to remove an old staircase to keep your renovation project on track. Fortunately, we specialize in avoiding surprises, which is why we stick with the same general formula for most of our jobs.

• Offering a quote right from the start allows us to outline our pricing and services

• Our team will take a careful overview of the existing staircase to determine the best course of action for its removal

• The structure will be brought down, piece by piece, in a controlled fashion

• All cleanup work will be performed by our crew before we depart

If you have any questions about what we can offer this kind of project, or how we will go about the work, just contact us at any time. We take pride in maintaining open communication with all of our clients throughout every project.

Many More Services Available

When having a staircase removed in Melbourne, it’s likely that you will need to have some other defit work performed, as well. When you team with Metro Defits, it will be easy to scale up your project to have everything removed that needs to be out of the way before construction work can begin. Kitchen removal, bathroom removal, and whole-home stripouts are just some of the many services we provide.

To get started working with us on this important project, or just to get a quote for our services, fill out the form here on our site and we will be in touch shortly.

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