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Concrete dusting will occur if your concrete floor hasn't been appropriately cured. While this won't affect the structural integrity of the concrete floor, it will look visually unappealing and attract dust. Metro Defits dustproof sealing services add a specialised sealant to the concrete floor.

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What is dustproof sealing?

If your concrete floor isn't sealed, it will naturally attract dust and powders. Metro Defits use specialised products to harden, seal and dustproof concrete floors chemically.

What does dustproof sealing involve?

Dustproof sealing involves applying a coat of densifier to the floor. Our team will power scrub the floor after application if you want a slightly shiny appearance. Our dust proofing team tailors dustproof sealing to your project. We use a range of sodium, lithium silicate and silicate-based densifiers.

Why Metro Defits for dustproof sealing?

With years of experience, our dustproof sealing team is here to help you dustproof your concrete floors, so they look as good as new.


Is concrete dust dangerous?

Concrete dust can harm your eyes, nose, and throat, with prolonged exposure linked to respiratory problems and lung cancer. Metro Defits experienced dustproof sealing teams use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), use a wet saw technique, and always ensure good ventilation.

Can you vacuum concrete dust?

Using a vacuum to clean up concrete dust is preferable to using a duster. Your vacuum should have a HEPA filter with a duster attachment for optimal results.

What causes concrete dusting?

Concrete dusting occurs when the surface of the concrete becomes porous and fragile. Dusting can be caused by the following:

• Carbonation from exposure to water and carbon dioxide

• Weather exposure

• Poor or weak concrete mix design

• Insufficient curing of the concrete surface

• Too much water being used during the production process.


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