Office Defits

Renovating your office? Or maybe you’re moving on to bigger and better things?

Whatever your story, we have the team and experience to make your commercial office stripout (also known as a defit), as seamless and unobtrusive to your business as possible.

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Office Defits

Whether you are leaving a lease, renovating or extending, we can do soft and hard stripouts for all business sizes and types.

What is involved in a commercial office stripout or defit?

Soft stripouts or defits will involve removing loose fixtures and fittings such as signage, partitions, false ceilings, light fixtures, shelving, cabinets and desktops.

Hard stripouts involve removing permanent floors such as carpet, tiles or vinyl; preparing floors for re-laying; dismantling heating, cooling and ventilation units; demolishing walls and other building structures; and the demolition of built-in fixtures such as cabinets and sinks.

We will also clean the site and organise to have any rubbish and debris removed.

What services do we offer for commercial office stripouts?

• Removal of loose fixtures and fittings

• Removal of partitions, false ceilings and light fittings

• Removal of all types of office flooring

• Preparation of floors for re-laying

• Demolishing of walls and building structures

• Cleaning of site and removal of debris

Why is it best to have professionals handle my commercial office stripout?

Having experienced professionals handle your commercial office defit is a must if you want your job finished on time and on budget.

We understand that disturbances and delays will cost you money and we do everything we can, from planning the job well to using only the most capable workmen, to ensure that these are minimised.

We are also very flexible and can organise to have your commercial office defit done in a staggered manner so you can continue to operate your business. We will also work as quietly as possible to minimise disruptions.

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Conducting a commercial office defit can be expensive, stressful and complicated. We get that.

We also understand that talk is cheap. We would love to give you a free quote and show you the Metro Defits difference starting with our first interaction. All you have to do is fill out the contact form on the right.


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