Vinyl Removal

Vinyl flooring is very popular in commercial environments because it is relatively cheap, durable and simple to install in large areas.

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Vinyl Removal

Whatever your commercial building, be it a factory, warehouse, public building, office or anything else, you can be confident we’re the best choice for any Melbourne commercial vinyl floor removal jobs you have.

What’s Involved?

Generally speaking, commercial vinyl will be thicker than the type used in domestic applications. The majority of commercial vinyl will be attached by adhesive to a concrete subfloor.

To remove commercial vinyl flooring, we first strip off the vinyl with specialised mechanical strippers, to separate it from the harder and more difficult to remove adhesive.

We then grind off the adhesive with powerful diamond grinders to expose the concrete subfloor beneath.

If you are re-laying vinyl flooring it is very important to have a flat, smooth surface and we can sand and smooth the floor if necessary. We can also add a ‘skim’ or ‘feather’ coat to further create a smooth re-laying surface.

Once we’re done, we will clean and vacuum the area so that it’s ready for the new floor to be installed.

What services do we offer?

• Removal of all types of commercial vinyl

• Smoothing of floor and feather coating

• Clean-up and vacuuming of floors for re-laying

Why should I use professionals?

Commercial sites with vinyl flooring will generally be much larger than domestic sites and will require heavy duty equipment.

As professional vinyl removalists, we have extensive experience in organising large-scale commercial vinyl removal projects. We also have access to commercial-grade vinyl removal machinery and equipment, ensuring your job is done with the right tools and maximum efficiency.

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Why choose Metro Defits?

We like to think of ourselves as the best commercial vinyl floor removal outfit in Melbourne. We would like you to think the same.

We understand that time is money when it comes to renovating your commercial premises in preparation for sale, a new tenant, or to fix a defect. Working with us on your next commercial vinyl removal project guarantees that both will be well spent.

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