Concrete Grinding and Sealing Services Melbourne

Metro Defits has one of Melbourne's best-equipped and most experienced concrete grinding and sealing crews. We specialise in preparing subfloors for re-laying, cleaning, and sealing exposed concrete.

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What is concrete grinding and sealing?

Metro Defits can remove the concrete subfloor and lay a new one. We can also undertake the grinding and preparation work for re-laying. Concrete grinding and sealing can make old concrete floors look and feel new again.

What do concrete grinding and sealing involve?

The type of concrete grinding and sealing work will depend on the condition of the subfloor and the type of floor you would like to lay. The most popular commercial floor types (timber, tiles, vinyl, carpet, and cork) need an even smooth concrete subfloor. Once we strip the flooring, we use powerful diamond grinders to grind down paint, adhesive, epoxy, and other substances. Have you got water-damaged concrete? We can repair it before levelling, finishing, and sealing the floors.

Why choose Metro Defits for concrete grinding and sealing?

Our professional team of concrete grinders and sealers have decades of expertise. With a clear understanding of building and industry best practices, we can accommodate changes in your timeframe or job size.


Which flex seal is best for concrete?

Flex seal liquid is the best type of sealer to use for concrete. The flex seal Metro Defits uses seals out water, moisture, and air. It's also UV, chemical and mildew resistant.

How much does concrete grinding and sealing cost?

Metro Defits provides industrial and commercial concrete grinding and sealing in Melbourne.

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Can you paint over sealed concrete?

Sealed concrete can be painted over ( NOT TURE) . For the best results, it's essential to do the preparation work, which involves cleaning the concrete to remove grease, oil, and excess sealant.

Our other services

Metro Defits’ other commercial services include:

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paint-removal-icnpaint-removal-icn-hoverPaint removal
epoxy-removal-icnepoxy-removal-icn-hoverEpoxy removal

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