Timber Flooring Removal Services

Timber floors can make for a beautiful feature in a residential property, but they don’t last forever. Are you ready to have your old timber floors removed so they can be replaced with new boards? Or are you going to go with a different type of flooring entirely, such as carpet or tile? Either way, Metro Defits are the right partner for this project.

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Floor Covering Removal
Timber floor removal is a big task

It’s important to pair with the right team for this project, given the potential for challenges and delays. Depending on how your floors were installed many years ago, and what has happened to them over time, the timber flooring in your home may not come up easily.

Not to worry, however – we have faced these kinds of challenges before, and we have the tools and experience to get the job done anyway.

What you’ll receive from Metro Defits

You should know exactly what to expect from our team before this project gets started. Most timber flooring removal projects involve the following –

• A free quote for our services

• Removing the old timber floors, using the right equipment and techniques based on the specifics of that floor

• Smoothing the subfloor surface

• Cleaning up the site after removal is completed

It’s not enough for us to simply take the old floors away, although that is the focus of the job. We also need to tidy up and prepare the space for the next steps of the project, and we see that phase as being just as important. Where some timber floor removal contractors will just pack up the old floors and head out, we go through the extra step of thoroughly cleaning up and leaving no trace of the old floor.

Should I hire professionals for this job?

If you have done a fair bit of your own work around the house, you might think about just pulling these old floors up on your own. While some homeowners may be up to the task, it’s not as easy as it looks. Specialized equipment makes this work a lot easier, and that is equipment you don’t likely have waiting in the garage. Also, the years of experience Metro Defits brings to the job make a world of difference in overcoming obstacles and finishing up the task properly.

Make life a little easier

A home renovation project can be a stressful time, and we don’t want to add to that stress by making timber floor removal a headache. With Metro Defits, all you need to do is reach out and ask for a free quote – we take it from there! You’ll be able to know that your old timber floor will be gone by the scheduled date, and you can move forward with the rest of this exciting project.

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