Office Stripouts

Stripping out an entire office building is a challenging – and potentially dirty – job. You may need to strip out an office space that you own so it can be redesigned, or you might be required to strip out a space that you were renting to make good on your lease before leaving.

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Office Stripouts

Either way, Metro Defits is the right place to start. Our team are prepared to handle all of the challenges that come along with this kind of project, and we offer fair rates for our services. Request a free quote online today to get started!

Many Tasks to Be Completed

A typical office space can look pretty simple and straightforward until you start to take it apart and realize just how many pieces are in place. There will be a lot to take out of the space before it can be considered completely stripped, including the flooring, fixtures, partitions, false ceilings, cabinets, and more. The exact process required for your job will depend on the layout of the office and what you plan to do with the space after the stripout work is finished. It’s important to work with an experienced team like Metro Defits so you are able to overcome any surprises that come up along the way.

Our Simple Process

While taking apart an old office space isn’t always an easy job, we do like to make it as simple and straightforward for our clients. That means we work through a basic process on each job, keeping you informed at each step along the way.

• The process starts with a free, no-obligation quote for our services

• Loose fixtures and fittings will be the first thing to go once work is underway

• Next, bigger pieces like ceiling panels and office partitions will be taken away

• Flooring will then be removed, and any required floor prep work will be completed

• The space will be properly cleaned to complete the project

A Professional Office Stripout Service

There are plenty of contractors in and around Melbourne who are willing to do stripout work, but it’s best to choose a service that specializes in these kinds of projects. Issues that you might run into with other contractors – such as leaving the site a mess after they have stripped the space – simply won’t be a problem with Metro Defits. We have built a solid reputation in this industry, and we plan to maintain that reputation for many years to come. Request your free online quote today to get started – we are excited to serve you!

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