Floor Covering Removal

Floors are easy to take for granted. While you walk on the floors of your Melbourne home each day, you may not pay them much attention. That is until you suddenly realize that they are in shoddy condition and quite out of date. When that time arrives, call on Metro Defits to do the work of removing those old floors so they can be replaced.

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The task of residential floor removal

In the world of renovations and stripouts, floors are notoriously stubborn parts of the job. Depending on the type of flooring in question, and how long it has been in place, it can be particularly challenging to remove an old floor properly. Flooring is installed to be stable and sturdy, but those characteristics make it difficult to remove.

It’s the tools and experience possessed by Metro Defits that allows us to take on these projects and be successful. Where lesser teams may struggle to get the job done and may put your project timeline off track as a result, we are always up to the task. Our friendly team has the right gear and the right training to pull up any type of floor and haul it away.

What you can expect

When you contact Metro Defits about a floor removal project, you can expect the process to go like this –

• We will offer a precise job quote for you to consider

• Our team will pull up all flooring materials including carpets, timber floors, tile, and vinyl

• Any flooring underlayment materials will also be pulled up and removed

• Subfloor work will be completed, including any necessary grinding and finishing

• Our crew always cleans up carefully to leave the space in good condition

While we are proud to offer flooring removal services on their own, often this kind of stripout work is completed along with other tasks. For instance, you may be having your entire kitchen or bathroom removed, and the flooring removal is just one piece of that bigger project. Whatever the case, you can trust that Metro Defits are up to the task and will get the job done properly and in a timely manner.

One customer at a time

We are proud of the solid reputation we have built in this industry, and that reputation continues to grow one satisfied customer at a time. When you reach out and contact us about a floor removal project, you can be sure that we’ll do our best to add your name to that satisfied customer list. Simply fill out our form to the right or give us a call and we’ll jump into action.

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