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For the best painting results before painting, sealing, polishing or installing new flooring, it’s essential to remove existing paint, debris, and dirt beforehand. Existing contaminants will alter the texture and colour of your new fresh floor.

Metro Defits paint removal services in Melbourne can help. Our professional and experienced team use specialist equipment, safety gear and tools to remove paint from concrete floors

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What is paint removal?

Metro Defits' paint removal services create a clean surface for repainting. Our paint removal can strip off multiple layers of paint all at once.

What does paint removal involve?

Metro Defits utilize robotic concrete floor grinders with our dust reduction technology to effectively remove paint. It is an eco-friendly dry concrete grinding process. Our experienced paint removal team will:

• Seal off windows, doors, and other openings with plastic sheeting

• Restrict access to the site

• Utilize HEPA-filtered dust extraction equipment according to Work Safe Victoria & EPA guidelines and standards

• Use air cleaners on site

How to remove paint?

To remove paint, you can try water blasting with a pressure washer, a hand scrape tool, or a sandblaster.

Why Metro Defits for paint removal?

With years of experience, our paint removal team is here to help you remove paint from your commercial property. Using high-tech concrete grinding equipment, your premises will look cleaner and fresher.


How much does it cost to have the paint removed?

Much like many of our jobs, the price can depend on the size of the property being worked on, and the number of rooms with paint needing to be stripped.

Metro Defits provides industrial and commercial paint removal in Melbourne. Using concrete grinding systems our highly trained team safely removes paint of concrete floors while ensuring no further contaminants are present.

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What type of Grit Diamond concrete Segments do you use to remove paint from concrete?

Diamond segment selection is based on a few factors

1. What type of paint needs to be removed

2. How thick the existing paint coating is

3. What you would like to do with your floor once the paint is removed

Our other services

Metro Defits’ other commercial services include:

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