Wall & Partition Removal in Melbourne & Adelaide

We’re the safe choice when it comes to removing non-structural commercial walls & partitions in Adelaide or Melbourne.

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We specialise in removing non-structural commercial walls and partitions.

This could be anything from the wall separating your office tearoom and kitchen, to restroom partitions, or a part of your shopfront.

If it’s a non-load bearing wall, rest assured that we can handle it.

What’s involved in commercial wall removal?

The first thing we will do is come to your commercial site and inspect your wall to make sure it is a not a load bearing or structural wall.

If the wall gets the all clear, we will then go about dismantling it quickly and efficiently, with minimal mess and disruption to your business or workplace.

Every wall is different. Some walls can simply be knocked down and broken up with sledgehammers, while other walls will need a more surgical approach. This may require us to use pry-bars, mash hammers or angle grinders to dismantle the wall piece by piece.

We can also do commercial partition removal such as for restrooms or office cubicles, these are often put together in a way that makes them slightly easier to disassemble.

Whatever the method or structure, we will always make sure we remove the debris and leave the site clean and tidy.

What services do we offer?

  • Assessment of wall to ensure it is not load bearing or structural
  • Removal of brick and cinderblock walls
  • Shop front removal
  • Steel stud and timber frame removal
  • Partition removal
  • Debris removal and site clean-up

Why do I need a professional to remove my commercial wall?

It is imperative that you use professionals who know what they are doing when it comes to commercial wall removal. People’s lives could depend on it.

With over 20 years of industry experience, we know the difference between load and non-load bearing walls. Commercial walls may also have a different construction and design to residential walls and can require specialised tools and removal methods.

We are also flexible and can work around your schedule to ensure there is minimum impact to your workplace or business.

Why trust Metro Defits with your wall removal job?

We have built a thriving business almost completely on excellent word of mouth advertising from our customers. With this in mind, we do everything in our power to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our workmanship.

We want to do such a good job, that you’ll tell your colleagues and business associates about us. And, if we’re completely honest, we want our work to be so good, that we can take pictures of it to show future customers.

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