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Profits in the retail property game are always connected to time. Whether you are a tenant getting a property ready for the launch of a business, or a landlord stripping out a property for the next tenant, we understand how important it is to have the stripout and demolition part of your job done as quickly as possible.

What is a retail stripout and demolition?

A stripout (also known as a ‘defit’ or a ‘make-good service’), usually occurs when a tenant or landlord needs to return a premises to its original condition. Often a stripout will require the demolition of permanent fixtures such as floors, roofing and walls and as one of the best in the Melbourne retail demolition business, we can handle it all.

First we’ll have a chat to understand what you want to accomplish and the timeframe you’d like to do it in. Then, we’ll go about putting in place a plan of action that will achieve this in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our team will then demolish or remove the fixtures that have been erected, such as floors, walls, partitions, joinery, shop fittings, heating and cooling units and signage. The team can also ensure that subfloors are prepared for the re-installation of any new flooring.

We then ensure that all debris are removed from the retail premises and that the site is left clean and tidy for the re-fit.

What services do we offer for retail stripouts and demolitions?

  • Planning of project timelines
  • Removal and demolition of floors
  • Removal and demolition of shop fittings and partitions
  • Demolition of walls
  • Removal of moveable fixtures
  • Preparation of subfloor for new floor
  • Removal of debris and clean-up of site

Why do I need a professional for my retail stripout and demolition?

When you have a looming handover date or workmen booked for installation work, it is risky to rely on amateur outfits to bring your retail stripout and demolition in on time and on budget.

At Metro Defits, we’ve done more than a hundred retail stripouts and have refined our processes and procedures with each one. In short, we are a well-oiled machine that can bring your job in on time and under budget.

We are also one of the most flexible Melbourne retail stripout operations and we know that often metropolitan and shopping centre locations have working hour restrictions. If this is an issue for you, we would be happy to discuss alternative arrangements.

Why is Metro Defits the best choice?

We know the retail stripout and demolition game back to front. We have a great team, a huge network and a desire to impress each and every client.

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Let us give you some breathing space in your next retail project.