Kitchen Removals in Melbourne

We can remove all types of commercial kitchens.

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Upgrading or expanding your restaurant kitchen? Or maybe you are ending a lease and need to return your site to the landlord in its original condition?

We can remove any type of commercial kitchen you have, whether it be a small café kitchen or a large commercial restaurant. At Metro Defits we have removed over 100 commercial kitchens and we know exactly what to do to get rid of yours quickly and efficiently.

What is involved in the removal of commercial kitchens?

Commercial kitchen removal jobs range in size, scope and complexity and we can discuss your unique needs when we meet you to give you a quote.

Some commercial kitchen removals can be labour intensive and require lifting machinery or tools due to the fact that they contain numerous heavy steel appliances and fixtures.

If you decide to employ us for your commercial kitchen removal, our workmen will get rid of the following: loose furniture and cooking implements; cooking and food appliances such as ovens, stoves and range hoods; food preparation fixtures such as stainless steel benches, cool rooms and fridges; the demolition of any walls or non-load bearing structures; and the removal of industrial kitchen flooring such as vinyl and/or tiles.

At the end of the job, we will remove any debris and clean the kitchen site, so that subsequent workmen can begin immediately.


What can we do?

  • Free quote
  • Removal of loose furniture and implements
  • Removal of ovens, stoves and range hoods
  • Removal of food preparation fixtures
  • Demolition of non-load bearing structures
  • Removal of flooring
  • Debris removal and site cleanup


Why is it important to get professional assistance?

What is the quickest way to dismantle a cool room? How do you get a pizza oven out of a small retail premises? Will you need a plumber to cap off gas lines? These are all questions our workmen can answer in a second.

When it comes to removing commercial kitchens, don’t trust amateurs with your precious time and money. While some stripout operations will claim to be adept at removing kitchens, it is important that the workmen you employ know the ins and outs of kitchen removal. We’ve been in the demolition industry for more than a decade, and we’re still here because we’re very good at what we do.


Why are we the best choice?

Whether you are a landlord renovating an investment property, or a business renovating your store, we understand that lost time is lost rent money and profit. We will work as quickly as possible to finish the job to your standards and to ours.

We’d love to give you a free quote, just enter your details in the box to your right and someone will be in touch shortly.