Kitchen Removal Service in Adelaide & Melbourne

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The kitchen is the center of nearly every home. When you think about the rooms where you spend the most time, other than your bedroom, the kitchen is likely at the top of the list. If your current kitchen was built decades ago and badly needs an update, Metro Defits are the right team for the job. We can quickly and completely remove your current kitchen to make way for the upcoming remodel.

How does a kitchen removal work?

For a complete kitchen removal, everything must go – our team will move in and safely clean out the room from top to bottom and corner to corner. Before you start doing this work on your own, think about the many things that will need to be removed from the kitchen and the hazards they can present. From old fixtures to worn out appliances and more, it’s a major task to perform a kitchen removal on your own. Fortunately, the trusted team at Metro Defits are ready and waiting to make quick work of this project.

A step-by-step process

Once you contact us for help, we will work together with you to plan out this job. While every kitchen removal is a unique challenge, the general process looks the same from one house to the next. This process includes –

  • Providing you with a free quote so you can see how the budget for the project stacks up
  • Outlining exactly what will be removed from the kitchen and how long the work will take
  • Removing all of the loose furniture items in the kitchen
  • Taking away appliances like stoves, ovens, refrigerators, and more
  • Pulling up the old flooring
  • Breaking down any non-load-bearing structures that need to be removed
  • Thoroughly cleaning up the site and preparing it for construction

Our goal on each kitchen removal project is simple – to make sure the space is ready for the next contractor to come in and create the kitchen of your dreams. To keep this project on time and on budget, we need to handle the removal process properly so there are no unexpected hurdles later on. With so much experience in this field and a professional team ready to jump into action, Metro Defits are a trustworthy partner.

Couldn’t you do this yourself?

When it comes to construction, most homeowners know that they need professional help. On a removal job, however, some seem to think they can handle it alone. More often than not, that’s a mistake. There are countless obstacles you will encounter in the kitchen environment, and mistakes can be both costly and dangerous.

For example, you may need to work around gas lines during the removal process, and there is sure to be electricity in the space. How do you perform deconstruction safely around those areas? Do you have the right equipment to pull apart a decade’s old kitchen? Where will you take all of the material when it has been removed, and what will you use to get it there? There are more questions than answers, but the appropriate solution is easy – contact Metro Defits today to get started. We are excited to serve you!