Flooring Removal in Melbourne & Adelaide

We’ll remove any commercial floor you have, preparing the way for a seamless transition for your new flooring.

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Commercial flooring can take up a few square meters in a shopping centre stall, or thousands of square feet in a conference centre or showroom. At Metro Defits, whatever your needs are, we’ve got them sorted. We have the team and resources to take care of the smallest and largest Melbourne commercial floor removal jobs, alike.

What is commercial floor removal?

Commercial flooring is very diverse. Conference centres and corporate offices can have a mixture of carpet, tile and wooden flooring. Retail shops might use synthetic wood, tiles, vinyl or cork, while factories and warehouses may use vinyl, or sealed concrete. Commercial floors are usually laid straight onto a concrete slab or subfloor. Some may also have rubber, particle board or cement sheeting underlays.

The general process for commercial flooring removal is as follows. We first remove the actual flooring from the adhesive and underlay (if any). For most types of flooring such tiles, timber, vinyl and cork, this can be done with a blade and jackhammer, or a ride-on scraper if the floor space is very large. Carpet and some timber floating floors can be removed by hand.

Once the floor has been removed, we will remove any underlay that has been nailed or stapled to the floor. We would then use diamond grinders to grind off any adhesive until the concrete subfloor is smooth, clean and ready for re-laying. We can also raise up any low spots, repair the subfloor, and ensure that it is all level.

We can also organise to have debris removed and the site cleaned before we leave.

What commercial floor removal services do we offer?

  • Free job quote
  • Removal of commercial carpet, tile, timber, vinyl and cork flooring
  • Underlay removal for all flooring types
  • Subfloor grinding
  • Subfloor finishing
  • Debris removal and site clean-up

Why do I need professional commercial floor removal?

Most commercial jobs have time and budget constraints and it’s the little things that can blow these out. As far as professionals go, we have a large, experienced team with the tools and resources to tackle the biggest commercial jobs and the most ambitious deadlines.

Why are we different?

The Melbourne commercial floor removal industry is a small fishpond and we have an excellent reputation amongst Melbourne business owners, landlords and builders. We would like to keep it that way.

Working with you, we will deliver on the terms we agreed on at the start of the job, and we will do everything possible to accommodate you if you experience any changes from your end.

If you would like to get the ball rolling with a free quote, please contact us via the form to the right of this page. We look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied customers.