Concrete Grinding in Melbourne

We can grind & prepare your commercial concrete flooring both quickly & cost-effectively.

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We specialise in the preparation of subfloors for re-laying, along with the cleaning and sealing of exposed concrete.

Contracting with a crew that is as large and experienced as ours, may be the difference between a project that comes in on time and on budget and missed deadlines or cost blowouts.

You’ll be pleased to know that when it comes to Melbourne concrete grinding, Metro Defits have one of the best equipped and most experienced crews in the city.

What is commercial concrete grinding?

Most commercial properties are built on a slab or have some form of concrete subfloor. We can remove your commercial floor from from start to finish, or we can simply do the grinding and preparation work for re-laying.

The type of concrete grinding and preparation work we would do, will vary with the type of floor you would like to lay and the condition of the subfloor.

Most commercial floor types such as timber, tiles, vinyl, carpet, and cork, will need a smooth and even concrete subfloor. Once the flooring has been stripped, we will use powerful diamond grinders to grind down any adhesive, paint, epoxy, or other substances. If the concrete is water damaged or cracked we can repair it, we can also level, finish and seal floors.

We will also remove all debris and once we have completed the job, we will leave the site in a neat and tidy condition for the floor re-layers.

What commercial concrete grinding services do we offer?

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  • Grinding down of adhesive, epoxy, paint, sealant and any other substances on the subfloor
  • Leveling and smoothing of concrete
  • Finishing and sealing of subfloor
  • Debris removal and site cleanup

Why professional concrete grinding?

It is important to have a professional team of concrete grinders on your commercial job, because most other construction stages cannot begin until the floor is smooth and clean.

With professional outfits such as Metro Defits, you get decades of grinding expertise along with an understanding of the industry and building practices. We also have a large pool of workmen to draw on, so we can accommodate any changes in your timeframe or job size.

Why choose us?

As you are reading this, you may have downstream work blocked out, workmen on standby and a specific budget for each stage of your project. It is therefore imperative to have your floors ground and ready to go, so other building stages can commence.

At Metro Defits we understand this, and we make getting your job in on time and on budget our number one priority.

If you would like to request a free quote, please get in touch via the contact box on your right hand side. We look forward to handling all of your Melbourne concrete grinding needs.