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A residential stripout is a big project. If you are thinking about doing the work on your own, think twice before you dive in and get your hands dirty. You never know what you’ll find behind those walls, so leave this work for the pros – Metro Defits are highly experienced and ready to tackle even the toughest residential stripout challenges.

Stripouts Are an Important Job

Most home renovation projects start with a partial or complete stripout of the interior of the home. For some contractors, this part of the job can take far longer than it should, and your whole timeline will be thrown off as a result. Don’t run into trouble right from the beginning by choosing the wrong team for your residential stripout job. Whether you are in Melbourne or Adelaide, the choice is easy – Metro Defits are the right call.

What Services Are Included?

These are called complete stripouts for a reason – we won’t leave anything behind (unless we are asked, of course). When you contact our team to ask about this project, we will offer the following –

  • We’ll provide a free quote for the work requested
  • The whole home will be safely and thoroughly stripped
  • All of the mess will be carefully cleaned up, so you are ready for the next step of your project

The work we perform in your home will be dictated by your plans for the project. Often included in a total stripout are flooring removal, non-structural wall removal, removal of fixtures, plumbing, and more. If your plan is to start from scratch to create an entirely new living experience inside of your old home, that all starts with a complete stripout. This is a big job so only trust it to a team with the experience needed to deliver on time.

We Serve Your Needs

One of the big benefits of working with Metro Defits is the custom nature of our services. For example, you might need most of your home stripped down to the studs, but you may be leaving one or two rooms alone – at least, for now. We are happy to customize all of our services to meet the needs of each individual homeowner. No two homes are exactly alike, and as a result, no two stripout projects are exactly the same. Get in touch today to learn more about our services.

Safety is Not Optional

Our homes are supposed to be safe spaces, but there are risks lurking around every corner when you start to take things apart. If you take on the stripout process on your own, you’ll be putting your health at risk unless you have the necessary tools, experience, and knowledge to do the work properly. Since Metro Defits already possesses everything needed to do a proper residential stripout, why not just turn the job over to us? With quick finish times, accurate quotes, and a trusted reputation in the business, you’ll be in good hands with Metro Defits.

Get Started Today

Ready to bring in Metro Defits to stripout your home and kickstart your renovation project? The next step is easy – fill out our form today to get a free quote. It will only take you a moment to fill out the form and our team will take it from there!