Bathroom Removals in Melbourne & Adelaide

Cheap & efficient bathroom removal in Melbourne & Adelaide.

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Whether you are looking to breathe new life into a commercial property, or you have a handover date looming, we can assist with all of your commercial bathroom removal needs.


What is involved?

Commercial bathroom removal ranges from removing a few toilet stalls at the back of a retail shop, to a complete stripout of several levels of office bathrooms.

Each job will vary, so we will take a look at the job first and then give you a fair, cost-efficient quote.

If you decide move ahead with the job, our workmen can remove stall dividing partitions; dispose of permanent fixtures such as toilets, washbasins, urinals, and hand dryers; remove light and tap fittings; demolish any walls; and remove floor and wall tiles if necessary.

Whatever the job, we will always remove any debris that is created and leave the site clean and tidy for the next stage of construction.


What can we do when it comes to commercial bathroom removals?

  • Free quote
  • Removal of toilet partitions
  • Removal of fixtures such as toilets, washbasins and urinals
  • Removal of light and tap fittings
  • Demolition of walls
  • Removal of wall tiles and flooring
  • Removal of debris and site clean-up


Why is it important to use professionals?

Removing your bathrooms may cause disruptions to your business or hold up other work you have in the pipeline. As professional commercial bathroom removalists, we work quickly and efficiently to get the job done as soon as possible so you can go back to running your business.

We are also fully insured, giving you complete peace of mind in the unlikely event that something unexpected occurs.


Why choose Metro Defits?

We think it makes good business sense to build enduring, mutually beneficial working relationships. That is why we will go over and above to achieve your deadlines and accommodate you if anything changes from your end.

Working with us also saves you money, because we can do every demolition job on the bathroom project including the preparation of floors for re-laying. We may even be able to assist with other jobs such as other types of floor removal or the stripping out of other parts of your building.

If you would like to get in touch for a free quote, please contact us by filling out the quick and easy form to the right of your screen, someone will be in contact with you shortly.