Apartment Stripouts in Melbourne & Adelaide

Cost-effective apartment stripout services from a professional team.
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Even the most stylish apartment will start to show its age as time goes by. What was once a comfortable – and even lavish – space may soon start to feel dated, cramped, and uninviting. To get a fresh start with your apartment, a complete remodel may be on the agenda. And, to get that remodel off on the right foot, have Metro Defits perform the apartment stripout work on your behalf.

Embracing the challenge

Perhaps the biggest hurdle to clear in the process of performing an apartment stripout is dealing with the logistics of an apartment building. Unlike a single-family home, where our team can simply walk right up and bring in whatever equipment is required, apartment units are often on elevated floors with restricted access for bigger machines.

It’s the experience in performing this kind of work that allows Metro Defits to get around these obstacles and get the job done. We’ll carefully identify any challenges with your project in advance so we can plan for those issues and not allow them to interrupt the work once the day arrives to get started.

Our apartment stripout service

Metro Defits are able to successfully serve so many clients year after year in Melbourne and Adelaide because we adapt to the needs of each project. With that in mind, we do have a general framework for taking on an apartment stripout, and it looks like this –

  • The process starts with a free quote that comes with no obligation
  • When work begins, we’ll take away all of the permanent fixtures and pull up flooring
  • Kitchen and bathroom stripouts will be performed at the same time
  • Proper cleanup work will be done to prepare the apartment for the next steps

It takes the right team to work with the delicate touch required to avoid doing unwanted damage during an apartment stripout. It’s all too easy to damage a neighboring unit when a worker gets carried away with a sledgehammer. Trust the team at Metro Defits to work with care and remove everything from your unit without causing harm to the rest of the building.

Is it necessary to hire professionals?

In a word – yes. Hiring professionals to work on this project will lead to a shorter timeline, better results, and likely even cost savings in the end. Doing the work yourself, or hiring an inexperienced contractor, is only going to lead to frustration and delays. Our combination of experience, equipment, and staff means you will have nothing to worry about when the workday arrives.

Look no further

You’ll find no better partner for an apartment stripout in Adelaide or Melbourne than Metro Defits. We offer all of the services you will need throughout this process, and our track record speaks for itself. And, since you can request a no-obligation quote right here on our site, you truly have nothing to lose. Get in touch today to see what we have to offer and ask any questions you may have for our team. Make quick work of an upcoming apartment stripout by leaning on Metro Defits as your trusted partner.