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Floor preparation is the final part of the commercial floor removal process. It is also the most important. Unlike domestic floor preparation, commercial floors will usually be laid on a concrete subfloor over large areas. It is vital to make sure that every bit of this area is prepared correctly.

How does it work?

Commercial subfloor preparation will vary according to the type of floor you wish to re-lay. The most common types of commercial floors are tiles, vinyl, and carpet, but timber floors and cork also have commercial applications.

Tile floor preparation

Tiles are a staple of commercial flooring. Once we remove tiling, we may need to repair cracks and uneven patches to ensure the concrete is level.

Vinyl floor preparation

Vinyl is a common type of industrial flooring. It is usually laid straight onto concrete. The subfloor specification for vinyl is a tolerance of 4mm over 2m.

Carpet floor preparation

Carpets are generally found in office buildings, they have slightly better tolerances of (8-12mm over three continuous meters). Concrete subfloors need to be especially moisture free for carpets.

Timber floor preparation

Commercial timber floors are often found in conference centers or high-profile corporate buildings. They will usually be parquetry or glue-down composite wood floors. It is especially important that subfloors for timber are fee of sand and dust. The tolerance for concrete subfloors where timber is involved, is less than 3mm in height over three continuous meters.

Cork floor preparation

Cork floors are often seen in galleries and showrooms. The subfloor for this flooring type must be level and flat, with no adhesive remaining. They have a tolerance of no more than 5mm per 3m radius.

What commercial floor preparation services do we offer?

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  • Commercial tiled floor preparation
  • Commercial floor preparation
  • Commercial carpeted floor preparation
  • Commercial timber floor preparation
  • Commercial cork floor preparation
  • Clean and tidy of site and disposal of debris

Why do I need professionals to prepare my commercial floors?

Your commercial floor re-lay will likely be a considerable investment on your part. Choose a safe pair of hands that will prepare for it well.

We have over a decade of experience in the industry and employ some of the most experienced workmen in the business. We always achieve our clients deadlines and pride ourselves on bringing our jobs in on budget every time.

If you give your commercial floor preparation business to Metro Defits, you can be sure we’ll get it right and that the process will be a smooth one.

Why are we the best choice in Melbourne?

We are working very hard to take our business to the next level. Each and every customer is a chance to take a step in the right direction.

At Metro Defits, we don’t just want to remove your floors on this job, we want to be your demolition company of choice. That’s why we will stay back another hour and go that little bit further than the competition.

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