Concrete Grinding in Adelaide & Melbourne

Professional & affordable concrete grinding service.
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If you are particularly handy around the house, there are some parts of your home renovation projects you can handle on your own. Some tasks, however, require the equipment and experience possessed by a team like Metro Defits. That’s certainly true of concrete grinding. If you need concrete grinding work completed in your Adelaide or Melbourne home to get ready for new flooring to be installed, don’t try to do it yourself – turn to the pros.

Why is concrete grinding important?

After an old flooring material has been removed, it’s likely that the concrete subfloor is not going to be in good condition. There may be pieces of adhesive still stuck to the concrete, or it may be damaged in some way. Before the new floor goes down, this concrete surface should be properly repaired and smoothed.

A properly prepared floor is going to make for a better result when your new floor is put in place. It will also make the job easier for your flooring contractor to complete, meaning it’s less likely that there will be delays in the project.

What to expect with concrete grinding service

We don’t want there to be any surprises when you trust the Metro Defits team for this important project. Our process goes as follows –

  • Every project starts with a no-obligation, free quote for our services
  • The concrete grinding work will entail removing substances on the surface like epoxy, adhesive, paint, etc.
  • Any smoothing or leveling work that is required
  • Sealing the concrete subfloor surface
  • Cleaning up the work area and hauling away and debris

With the right equipment and the right team, this is a straightforward job in most cases. And, in those cases where there is a unique challenge to overcome, the experience Metro Defits team will be level to the task.

It’s all about trust

We understand that concrete grinding is not the end goal of your project – it’s just one of the steps along the way. However, if any of those steps becomes a problem, the whole project grinds to a halt. You need to trust each of your contractors to hold up their end of the bargain, so the renovation doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

Metro Defits are experienced in this type of work and can be trusted to respect your timeline. We’ll deliver on the work we promise, and we’ll stand behind our quote. Let’s get started today – just fill out the form on this page and we will be in touch shortly.