Bathroom Removal Service in Melbourne & Adelaide

Let the experts handle the complete stripout of your bathroom.
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Do you dread using the bathrooms in your home because of their worn-out condition? A bathroom renovation project is an exciting undertaking, and it starts with the complete removal of the old room. Metro Defits are an experienced team offering bathroom removal for customers in both Melbourne and Adelaide.

Our bathroom removal service

On the surface, removal of an old bathroom seems like a pretty easy job. All you need to do is tear away everything that is currently in the space so you can make room for the new design and all of the new components. Unfortunately, as soon as you think about swinging the first hammer, that’s when things get complicated.

To get started with Metro Defits, there is no commitment required. Simply reach out for a quote and we will be happy to offer our insight on the job. With a quote in hand, you can make an informed decision on whether or not Metro Defits are the right partner for this task.

The residential bathroom removal process

As we mentioned above, it all starts with a free quote. If you do choose to work with our experienced team, you can expect the following work to be performed in your bathroom –

  • Removal of all old fixtures, including the toilet and washbasins
  • Removal of all lighting fixtures and related fittings
  • Knocking down of non-structural walls
  • Removal of current flooring materials
  • Clean-up work

The last point – clean-up work – is an important one to highlight as part of this service. Some defit companies will leave your space a mess, which creates a major problem when the bathroom contractor arrives to create the new room. Metro Defits are not going to leave you in the lurch – our team will properly clean up, removing all debris and creating a suitable workspace for the project to continue.

Water is risky business

The presence of so many water lines in your bathroom is one of many reasons why we don’t recommend doing this work on your own. Damaging a water line by accident while trying to tear apart your bathroom would be a messy mistake to make. Leave this project to the pros at Metro Defits and we will work carefully around both the water and electrical lines that occupy space in those walls.

Metro Defits are the right partner

Let’s face it – home contractors don’t always have the best reputation. Missed deadlines and excessive costs are fairly common, but that’s not how we work. Our team has too much respect for you as the customer to provide anything but our best service at a fair price. Of course, if you are remodeling more than just your bathroom, we can help with the removal of other rooms in your home, as well. We even offer complete stripout service if you are undertaking a whole-home renovation.

To get started, give us a call or fill out the form here on our site. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to hearing from you soon.